How to promote finance apps

Consumers who have already embraced mobile technology and use applications created especially for the financial order, whether it is financial control, virtual portfolio, transactions, purchases, loans or investments, just don’t have any more headaches to take care of their finances.

There are many finance apps on the market and, in the near future, there will be financial services incumbent on almost every digital medium.

For anyone behind the business, whether it’s a small mobile-first startup or a global-scale bank, ignoring user demand for apps can be a big mistake.

It is in this context and in this universe, that the question that does not remain silent for all financial institutions is “how to be successful in this huge and new market for apps?”

Within financial institutions, applications are gaining a central role in their sales and customer relationship structure.

Because every consumer is connected to the smartphone, and therefore, contact with it through this means can be accurate.

But it is difficult to leverage the application’s share among the institution’s different communication channels, and the challenge goes far beyond what is imagined.

In addition to a tremendous cultural change and paradigm shift, financial institutions face several obstacles in the world of apps – one of the most competitive and transformative today.

There is no miracle or magic formula to dominate this sector, everything is the result of a well-designed marketing strategy, based on data measurement and KPI’s analysis.

That’s why AppsFlyer, the world’s largest global application measurement and monitoring platform, offers tips for those facing the challenge of their financial application.

Granular measurement as the basis for everything!
An absolute truth of app marketing is that there are no strategies and processes without metrics and measurement.

Not just basic KPIs, but granular metrics that map every step of the conversion funnel to inform both customer acquisition and engagement.

Using granular measurement, marketers are able to profile behavior and accurately profile what they are looking for and improve their overall performance.

Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics
Mobile attribution is the holy grail for app marketing.

Mobile attribution, when done by an impartial and trusted provider, optimizes your app’s performance by identifying the value of specific placements, ad networks, publishers, campaigns, and even different versions of creatives that are performing best in your campaigns.

Through Mobile Attribution, it is possible to identify, for example, the ROI of a marketing campaign across different media channels (ad networks) and allocate resources to channels that are performing better, saving time and money.

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