Tax Free Day: products are sold online with discounts of up to 70% nationwide

Shopkeepers from all over Brazil participate in the “Tax Free Day” this Thursday (04), an event in which they offer discounts of up to 70% on various products to represent the weight of the tax burden that applies to each sector.

The initiative is from the National Confederation of Store Leaders (CNDL) and the Young Store Leaders Chamber (CDL) and until this Thursday morning it had 846 participating stores, in 144 cities in 18 states in the country, including São Paulo, Minas Gerais. Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Ceará and others.

The discounts are valid for drinks, jewelry, appliances, electronics, makeup, perfumes, shoes, clothing, household items, toys, medicines and will also be applied by restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, stationery stores, among others.

Promotional values ​​vary according to the state in which the store is located. Among the biggest discounts available are the makeup (58%) and electronics (43%) categories.

In its 14th edition, the event was adapted to take place 100% online, through the website “”, considering that the advance of the pandemic prevents it from being held in person, as it usually happens.

In practice, the objective of the initiative is to make people aware of the tax burden that affects the retail sector in the country. According to the organizers, considering a ranking of 30 countries, Brazil is the 14th that collects the most taxes and is in last place among the countries that return the most money to the population.

“Brazilians work an average of 153 days (five months) a year just to pay taxes. In the makeup and electronics sectors alone, the tax burdens are 58% and 43%, respectively”, says the text on the initiative’s website.

On the event’s website, the consumer has access to a product comparator that indicates the values ​​with and without taxes. The event takes place essentially this Thursday (04), but the website informs that stores can extend discounts until Sunday (7th).

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