The Golden Seed: The Secret to Financial Success

What is the real secret to turning the key of your life and finally achieving your long-awaited financial freedom? That was the question that Thiago Nigro, Primo Rico, tried to answer this Saturday (12) in a live that brought together more than 50 thousand people on Youtube.

There were almost 3 hours of content on finance, with the participation of 5 great entrepreneurs in the country: Alexandre Birman, CEO of Arezzo&Co, Guilherme Benchimol, CEO of XP Inc., Flávio Augusto, creator of Wise Up, and João Adibe Marques, of pharmaceuticals Cimed.

“We are all looking for a single answer: after all, what is the golden seed of financial success? What is the real secret to being able to prosper and learn to make money?” Nigro asked during the broadcast.

The investment expert told the story of when he first visited a corn farm. According to him, João, the farmer, explained to him the basics of the maize germination process.

“He told me that each grain of corn is a seed and that each ear usually has an average of 500 seeds. He also told me that, in a stalk of corn, something around one to three ears sprouts, and that it takes about 90 days to mature”, said Nigro.

With these numbers in mind, Nigro made a simple analogy: if João plants a seed of corn, in 90 days, that single seed will turn into around 1000 seeds. If he repeats this process one more time and sows the 1000 seeds, in another 90 days he will have 1 million seeds.

“It’s an exponential growth, but to reach it, the farmer had to choose not to eat that single seed he had there at the beginning”, he reflects.

“The great thing is that everything came from a single seed. So, in the midst of crisis, in the midst of despair, you just need a seed to keep hope and be able to evolve after all this passes.”

This Sunday (12), Thiago Nigro will make another special live on YouTube. To be notified for free, just click here.

For Nigro, this golden seed (the one that started the entire exponential multiplication process of the farmer) had an origin: the connections he made throughout his life and that helped him to conquer it.

And to help people create connections that can bear good fruit, Nigro spoke with some of the country’s top businesspeople about what they believe is critical to achieving success. Check out the main moments below:

Alexandre Birman, CEO of Arezzo&Co
“My father never believed that you should start a business just to make money. For him, his purpose must always be focused on building something perennial. The money is just a consequence of that.”

“We never made a decision aiming for the now. Our goals are always focused on the long term. We don’t do business, we build a business. Allow yourself to step back. Sometimes it’s better for you to take a few steps back, and then you can walk several steps forward again.”

“Adapt, adapt and adapt again. We had been preparing for a possible crisis for some time now and this has helped the company a lot to face this moment. Therefore, it is essential to seek to be flexible and adapt to any scenario you may face.”

Guilherme Benchimol, CEO of XP Inc.
“The first step in achieving financial enrichment is knowing how to save, the second is knowing how to invest your own money. The third, in turn, is to make even more money.”

“To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be very stubborn, to know how to get up from the many falls you will take, and be able to learn quickly, to correct your routes as things happen.”

“Nobody is born knowing everything. The more connected to people, the more you can learn and the more you can reap the best practices in the market.”

“Everyone needs to learn to share. I don’t think there is a one-man army, and if I am where I am today, it’s because I learned to share my dream with other people.”

Flávio Augusto, creator of Wise Up
“Every entrepreneur needs to keep in mind the concept of equity. I joke that equity is when the present and the future are mixed. You buy the future and bring it to the present, but as a gift you get the rest of your life. You calculate in the present everything that you would earn in the future with that business and, with that money in hand, you make the future happen.”

“Every business needs to sell, whether it’s your idea or your product. When you combine the sale with the equity factor, your business takes on an exponential value.”

“When you work for a company, you sell your time, and when you’re an entrepreneur, you sell your product or service. The difference is that you cannot multiply time, but product and service can. That’s why successful entrepreneurs make a lot of money”

“One of the biggest barriers for people, especially for those who come from the periphery, is discovering their value. That was my story too, so the golden seed of my life was discovering that I was able to accomplish anything I wanted, as long as I was willing to pay the necessary price.”

“Believing you can do anything doesn’t guarantee you’ll get far. But believing that you are worthless is the guarantee that you will get nowhere.”

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